Bay view house


Inviting spaces

Making the feel of a large property like this one to be that of a cozy home that draws you in and demands you to stay a while can be difficult to attain. Bringing large, wide open spaces together using smaller, secluded spaces as the conduit is how to achieve this enormous undertaking. One space having it’s own identity but dependent on the spaces connected to them in this way promotes inviting, homey spaces where this can take place.

Expansive living areas throughout this waterfront home feel open while still being private and inclusive, one space leads into another, but one feeling completely separate, each space stands on it’s own.


Tucked away places, some only accessible from private entrances within the property, that you can retreat to and have a view from but also be hidden from the rest of your surroundings.

Hidden courtyard along a winding brick paver path leads you to a tranquil fountain overlooking the water, yet hidden from view.


The exterior includes several private decks and open air entertaining spaces with vaulted cypress ceilings that create a cool space to enjoy outside on sunny days.

545-145 - 1.jpg

A private, relaxing perch created to take in the world around you from comfort and shade with plenty of room to spread out for entertaining.